Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tennis Star Vaidisova Helping Provide Clean Water for Africa

Nicole Vaidisova, one of the Top 10 women's tennis players in the world, has joined on as an ambassador for PlayPumps International, a non-profit that is bringing water to millions of African children and families, as World Water Day approaches on March 22.

"When I heard that more than a billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water, and every 15 seconds a kid dies from diseases related to unsafe water, I wanted to get involved," Vaidisova said. "The idea behind the PlayPump is simple: kids play, and water pumps. These special pumps give clean water to people who need it, and give kids a chance to play."

Click here to read more about PlayPumps and how Vaidisova is working with them to help those much less fortunate in Africa have access to one of the most basic needs people have, clean drinking water, in the articla on the WTA site, "Vaidisova Serves Up Clean Water for Kids."

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